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The Lincolnshire Credit Union
 operates an Information Point, at the
Fenside Community Centre, every Tuesday
(from 10 am – 1 pm).

Apart from explaining what the Lincolnshire Credit Union can do for you, we can assist you in opening a savings account or applying for a loan.

Our representative(s) can check that you have the correct documentation, ensuring they meet the PCA and FCA regulations, and so speed up the application process. As an Ethical Leader we will not encourage you to borrow more than you can comfortably afford to pay back. Apart from providing affordable loans we encourage our members to save regularly, no matter how small the amount.

We have a new account called the *Start Account for those that may be experiencing difficulties in managing their budgets with all the benefit changes happening this year.

To help you avoid tempation we also run a Christmas Savings Club, which only pays out at the beginning of November.

 `Our Start Account supports members to pay their priority bills, such as rent.  It works by the member having a benefit credit (or any other income) paid into their Lincup account sufficient to cover the payment and we do the rest.’